Wonderland Pop Up Bar Waterloo


"commit no nonsense" sayeth the sign at the Wonderland Underground Vaults.

'Twas nonsensical but it makes sense not to pay an Entrance Fee when looking for libation in London that provides live entertainment doesn't it?
Late night drinks up to 2am Thursday to Saturday? yes please!
and we didn't lose our heads when galumphing about from one mystery cave to another...

The Wonderland Bar a.k.a ‘Queen’s Garden’ bar is opened in conjunction with the show next door  "Alice’s Adventures Underground"
Find it at the atmospheric Vaults underneath Waterloo station here:

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Eat Me or Drink Me, cockails to entice, the floral gin soaked Royal Rose with seeds of the Tum Tum Tree or the Inky Slithy Toves in a Black Snapper. Where next to, my dreamy friend?
What's that I hear? Tis Tankus the Henge or somesuch with sonorous steaming soundscape
Featuring Live bands daily
Alice and her Eerie characters of Wonder from the stage play next door gate crash the stage...
it's all very bonkers
by now, it's total theatrical immersion,
but should you choose to escape away from the madness,
dare you get lost in The Dark Basement Maze?
but beware the jabberwock my son
will you find The Queen's Pies there?
 or a Pieminister presiding?
 if you choose to "Eat", would it be a "Hungry Caterpillar" or "Off with Their Heads" Pie?
if you choose "Drink" and the Mead Feast is not to your liking then friendly bartenders concoct a more psychedelic brew
come to my arms my beamish boy
we took a wrong turn and bumped into Ladies but thankfully not The Queen
we followed the migrating birds
to be mesmerised by a trippy "GIF making" booth
and discovered this decadent dilapidated aerial acrobatic Dodo, does indeed fly!
you can fill in the blanks and rabbit with the rabbit ...
or with thumping Ska music, do the Conga with The Walrus til the Flamingos come home
 Twas Brillig!
we played flamingo croquet on a lawn and we didn't lose our Heads!
Full Stop


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