Use Your Loaf~Hop to Bunnychow


BunnyChow's award winning concept hails from Durban in South Africa - based on a simple, original and clever form of street food - essentially a Bunny Chow is a hollowed-out bread loaf stuffed with tasty fillings. 
Originating from Durban, where Indian cultural influences are strong, they are, as you'd expect, a tad spicy! These Bunny bread buckets are fabulous value for the heart of London's "Media Land", where all the beautiful shiny people hang loose and in saying so, BunnyChow wants to stuff them all~with extremely generous portions. This ain't rabbit food!

One need no longer hop continents to savour this delicious bite, because having paid their dues starting out as a food truck, the BunnyChow experience is now available at 74 Wardour Street in London's Soho.
Under Starter's Orders, here's the menu...
The bright and utilitarian interior is unpretentious and welcoming, bringing a relaxed and friendly vibe.

learn to speak Durbs!
so, after having swallowed another language, we ordered some spicy side bites
Nibbles include pork scratchings and spicy popcorn

Monkey Gland wings are a bit of a bargain and covered in delectable spicy sauce

once you've caught your Bunny Chow, what next?
Well first off the block we see BunnyChow's Piri Piri Pork Bunny - absolutely crammed with 8 hour pulled pork & BunnyChow's own Piri Piri sauce - we think this is exceptionally good value at just £5, accompanied by Piri Piri Lamb ribs at £2.50 for 2 pieces.

Chakalaka Bunny includes spicy chicken, tomato, raita, mango chutney and your choice of bread, white, brown or brioche.

Behold the Brioche Bunny - ideal for breakfast in bread!

The Durban Bunny has slow cooked mutton curry, raita and mango chutney.

A rather fetching brown bread Bunny sporting this season's must have accessory - Lamb ribs!

Loaves of Flavour! The Bunny's are crusty and deep enough to soak-up all the saucy flavour of the fillings, without falling apart or losing their shape. All in all a most satisfying experience. It's messy but we say it's worth it - like many a messy thing tends to be. This year BunnyChow won the coveted "most innovative breakfast" title as part of national breakfast week. As you may have deduced by now, BunnyChow serve breakfast Bunny's too. We don't have a photograph because we weren't there for breakfast, but we're reliably informed it is worth seeking out and a vast amount of social media attention seems to agree.

At the time we visited Bunnychow we were treated to Whitley Neill's excellent Gin and you can read our review all about it here: Whitley Neill

A variety of existing drinks are available at BunnyChow and all look extremely instagramable - with ingredients including grapefruit juice, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, ginger, lemon, honey cucumber, mint, peppermint, earl grey tea, elderflower, coco cream, coco water, banana, lime, allspice, cinnamon, chilli and star anise. Importantly there's also the considerable bonus of the option to add alcoholic shots to all of them - but that's not the only reason why the Ambassadors of whatever were there!

In closing we'll say BunnyChow is one rabbit worth chasing, with highly original and delicious tastes at street prices. That's all folks!


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