The Most Tip Top - Top Dog!


Top Dog 
Custom Built Dogs, Fries & Shakes.

Let's start with the basics - Top Dog is a hot dog restaurant! But, not a hot dog restaurant in the traditional sense, because these are far, far removed from just about any hot dog you're likely to have tried before.

Not to be confused with a chain of New York hot dog stalls of similar name - which famously hail back to 1966 and serve kosher franks to the residents of Manhattan - Top Dog is based in London's Soho at 48 Frith Street, London W1D 4SF


With a plethora of achingly hip burger restaurants across London, the humble hot dog has hither to played second fiddle to its meat patty richer cousin. Top Dog have spotted the gap in the market, and elevated the Dog to centre stage.

The fundamental elements of any hot dog are obviously the meat and bun; so we're delighted to report Top Dog have got these crucial factors oh so very right!
A good sausage goes a long way! Importantly, there's no mystery to the meat in Top Dog's dogs. The casings and meat in Hot Dog's sausages are 100% all natural and the meat comes from humanely reared, grass fed and free range cows and pigs - the beef is cured, smoked, and hung in London at Cobble Lane Cured, and comes from a Red Tractor certified farm, which means absolutely no hormones or antibiotics are used for growth promotion - that's a very good thing because you won't need to worry about shooting up a size, growing 'moobs' or sprouting a drugs resistant rash - at least not from eating at Top Dog. Similarly, the pork is from pigs that are allowed to roam free and grass fed, it has won Freedom Farms and Pig Award awards. All Top Dog's dogs are gluten free.

Nice Buns! Top Dog's brioche rolls are especially made and supplied by a well known 23 year old Artisan bakery... you know the one beginning with G! Baked in stone ovens, using 100% free range eggs and no preservatives. For those with specific dietary requirements Top Dog offers gluten free options and Vegan dogs made from 100% organic tofu. 

Aside from the ingredients, key factors in a dining experience are the staff, service and ambience. We were pleased to see that Top Dog has an absolutely excellent manager in the shape of Raphael - he's engaging, positive and all around passionate and caring about the restaurant and its customer experience - the kind of manager anywhere needs.

There are all kinds of amusing nods to rock n roll style and motorcycling around the place. From hub-cap lighting and helmet wall decorations, to an actual real Norton motorbike.

Back to the food, we tried a selection of Dogs from the menu including Beef Chilli Cheese, Chicago and Kim-chi

The Kimchi 
Behold the Kimchi with beef dog, kimchi, radish, spicy mayo & coriander

The BBQ Dog
The ideal accompaniment to a fully laden BBQ dog - cheesy fries
The Chicago 
Beef Dog, tomatoes, pickle, onion, sport pepper, chilli sauce & celery salt

Top Dog offers several options when it comes to the all important hot dog accompaniment of fries - including "skin-on" and sweet potato. All the fries are cooked in rapeseed oil, which is Omega and Vitamin E rich and low in saturated fat - around half the fat of olive oil - so a relatively healthy choice compared to many a fried chip. Potatoes are sourced from Kent, the 'garden of England' and they really taste like a proper chip should!

All the classic condiments are there for you to enjoy, including Heinz ketchup, Dijon and English mustard and of course French's American mustard, which confusingly is not French at all as the name derives from George J French who introduced it in 1904, but that's a discussion for another time. 

Grown up drinks include a delicious salted caramel shake. Yum!
An excellent drinks selection includes craft beers, Neck Oil Ale, Piston Head larger, floats, shakes and wine. There's a variety of teas on offer, which unsurprisingly are fair trade and organic and soya milk is an option. The salted caramel shake delivered exactly the sweet and salty kick we were looking for. Top Dog's Jack Daniels Float is freshly churned on the premises. We also tried Dominion root beer, which has a good head a lovely body and a hint of honey - with a root beer like that one doesn't know whether to date her or drink it.

We're rather fond of the branding and apparel we saw at Top Dog. The caps and t-shirts have a certain swagger to them and we hope these will be offered for sale soon.

Aside from the ground floor there's another two floors to discover at Top Dog.

Hotfooting Upstairs, there's a Party Room suitable to hire out for a function or event. Downstairs, the Norton Room's full sized real Norton Motorcycle is waiting for you to strike a pose.

 Safety first - dig the motorcycle helmet wall feature
Unleash your inner cool with a McQueen style selfie or hit Cruise control with Top Gun moment! 

As we left our seats we were reminded...
Top Dog is the most recent venture from Marissa and Matt Hermer, the couple behind the highly successful Boujis, and equally well received Bumpkin. Californian native Marissa and her British husband Matt clearly know what they're doing when it comes to quality, style and fun. Carefully sourced ingredients assembled and enjoyed in fun surroundings is an altogether uplifting experience and one that's worthy of joining your local biker gang - or alternatively re-writing the theme song to a certain 1970s cartoon character:

  Top Dog! 
 The most effectual Top Dog! 
Whose intellectual
close friends get to call him T.D. 
Providing it's with dignity. 
Top Dog! 
The indisputable leader of the gang. 
He's the boss, he's a pip, he's the championship. 
He's the most tip top, 
Top Dog. 
Yes he's a chief, he's a king, 
But above everything, 
He's the most tip top, 
Top Dog. 

Top Dog! 


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