The Missing Link in Soho is a Quickie Piada


Piada bar on Soho's Bateman Street in London serves authentic Milanese food and offers a welcome alternative to those standard pizza or pasta options we're all familiar with.

So just what exactly is Piada? Well, it's nothing to do with feet or children - rather, hailing from Italy's Romagna region, Piada are thin handmade flat breads cooked on the grill to a secret family recipe. This is authentic and affordable Northern Italian street food.

Each Romagne family has a secret recipe passed on from generation to generation - and Piada bar pride themselves on having one of the very best such recipes.

We would describe Piada as the missing link between a quesadilla, pita bread and a wrap - thicker than a crepe and not a pancake, but thinner than pizza bread. It's probably easier to just try one!

There's something for everyone here - just pick a Moon shaped Canvas of Piada and your choice will be freshly cooked on the grill. You can select a traditional Piada which is not vegetarian, or a vegan option made with olive oil. Fillings include beef, authentic Italian Coppa ham, Parma ham, Branzi alpine cheese, mozzarella, smoked salmon and a wide range of salads.

 Piada bar also offers sealed Piadas to enjoy making at home.

Being a friendly team of authentic Italian foodies, one would expect the coffee at Piada bar to be first rate and they do not disappoint on the coffee front.

In some respects one might say - it's just bread. But, there's more to bread than meets the eye - let's face it - nobody wants bread in their eye! This is something novel, tasty and feels a somewhat healthier option than a pizza. 

Alongside traditional Italian pastries and desserts on offer - such as Baci di Dama, pistachio and lemon cannoli - Piada bar also serves sweet versions of Piada, including options with Nutella, crushed almonds, cornflakes and granolla ~
a perfect grab for your 7.30am starts!

Our view is this is an excellent option for Soho's media types to support a new independent local eatery and to snatch a lunch bite. On Friday and Saturday nights Piada bar stays open until 1 a.m. and during the week they're happy to deliver locally for meetings and parties. 

"A Soho quickie" may just have taken on a whole new meaning!


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