It's Great Being An Ambassador of Food


Do you know the difference between Ambassadors and Consuls?

Someone once said the difference between diplomats and politicians is “politicians try to start wars whilst diplomats try to stop them”. Generally politicians do tend to speed-up matters and get more heated, whilst their diplomatic colleagues slow things down with considered protocol and established forms of communication.
Strictly speaking Embassies and Ambassadors are supposed to assist with communication between Heads of State - that is Presidents, Kings and Queens. High Commissioners and High Commissions are the same as Ambassadors and Embassies but used for nations that are part of the Commonwealth group of countries. Consulates and Consuls generally help citizens. That said, there’s plenty of overlap, especially when it comes to international trade, protocol, foreign affairs and all kinds of other matters.
In a similar vein our Ambassadors of Food include people from many different backgrounds and places, with specialist interests that often overlap.
There are so many enjoyable aspects to experiencing great food and drink - from enthusiastic restaurants and suppliers keen to discuss their wares - through to being introduced to some particularly special dishes and products along the way. It really does feel like a privilege being an Ambassador of Food.
One quality about Ambassadors of Food that we’re aware of is how different our individual tastes can be. Although we have a couple of “key” Ambassadors and plenty of guest reviewers and photographers - what we have in common is we appreciate the joy in experiencing quality food and drink; it’s a love we all share.
Our tastes are very varied indeed - some of our folk will eat just about anything - although in T’s case she can’t stand cinnamon - so long as there’s no cinnamon in a dish, she’s delighted to try it. J stays away from pork, shellfish, processed foods and makes quite a fuss about finding out where ingredients are sourced from. M is an almost vegan vegetarian and our friends N and D are non dairy and gluten free - most of the time.
Those are just a few people in of our collective of foodies - the one thing we have in common is that whilst we’re fortunate to have experienced a massively wide range of food and drink including some of the world’s finest, we’re all constantly educating our knowledge and palates whilst staying on the look out for noteworthy food and drink happenings.
Whereas nation states have to obey protocols of the Vienna Convention - we Ambassadors of Food have no such requirement. Which is great for our fans because it means we don’t have to mess around when it comes to telling you the hottest places to try.
Every now and then we recruit new members of our evolving collective of foodies and ‘drinkies’ (if that’s even a word) around the world - so if you’ve got a true love of all things culinary, foodie and ‘drinkie’ - if you can write with flair and/or take engaging photos, if you have inside access to and knowledge of the latest, greatest or most noteworthy offerings - maybe you’ll be our newest AOF, excellency!  

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