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With These Forays Into Recherché

You’re Really Spoiling Us!

Not to be confused with Ferrero Roche, Ambassadors of Food bring you forays into rechercé-where we seek out the exquisite, refined, exotic and rare - or even the commonplace - just so long as it's memorable, delectable, delightful and delicious. .....
We really appreciate the care and attention that goes into the finest food and drink and we love people too because generally great people make great experiences.

Our mission is not motivated by narcissism to somehow make us seem vicariously sophisticated via the food and drink we review.
We’re equally happy enjoying and discussing chocolate or chips, quails or caviar.

So who are the Ambassadors of Food?

To quote Absolem the Caterpillar
from Lewis Carroll's
‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’:

Caterpillar:  Who... are... you?

Alice:  I - I hardly know, Sir. I've changed so many times since this morning, you see...

Caterpillar:  No, I do not 'C.' Explain yourself.

Alice:  I'm afraid I can't explain myself Sir, because I'm not myself, you know.

Caterpillar:  I do not know.

Alice:  Well, I can't put it any more clearly, Sir, for it isn't clear to me.

Caterpillar:  You? Who ARE you? Who are you?
If we told you something about who The Ambassadors of Food really are you might think we were making it up - but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

We’ll call ourselves T and J for now.
Having appeared on stage and screen, T is a former model and Bond Girl (we won’t say which or that’d give the game away). She’s been an underwater stunt double, femme fatale and a nemesis in the title sequence. A native Londoner, T speaks a South East Asian language, is an Associate in piano and has an eye for the weird, wonderful, cute and sassy. A professionally trained ballet dancer, T’s hankering for umbrellas means you’ll find her keeping shade under a parasol on a sunny day as much as dancing in the woods with a brolly whilst picking mushrooms in the rain, and she’ll eat just about anything. She’s the gastronomic Mary Poppins.
J is an erudite chap who was born in the Lindo Wing, Paddington and was delivered by the auspicious forceps of Dr George Pinker - HM The Queen’s gynaecologist who also delivered HRH Duke of Cambridge but aside from having a belly button tied by the same doctor, there the similarity ends. Too much information? Brought-up in Marylebone, unlike T, J is a somewhat fussy eater who doesn't eat pork or shellfish and often goes to some lengths to find out where ingredients were sourced. J’s background includes law, communications and music; among his diverse occupations he is the Vice Consul of a small island nation in the Indian Ocean, the Chairman of a Public Company, CEO of a tech start-up and fronts a psychedelic rock band.
With wide ranging interests and experiences, T and J have been fortunate to enjoy some of the world’s greatest food and drink. From a 35 courses 6 hour lunch at the legendary El Bulli, to banqueting in China, from some of Japan’s most exquisite Sushi to some of Canada’s rarest ice wines, and from sky berries with reindeer meat in Lapland to ostrich carpaccio with Tasmanian vanilla - T and J are passionate about all aspects of food and drink and are on a mission to share their many experiences.
You’ll find us enjoying some of the finest gatherings, openings, soirées and parties, in addition to restaurants and bars across the planet.
If you've some food or drink that deserves to get noticed, maybe you can get reviewed by the Ambassadors of Food.


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